Currently available for part and full-time positions.

Open to Studio-based and Work from Home roles.

Logo Design

Vector designs for companies and media.

Concept Art

Concept and design work for characters, props, and landscapes.


Character and scene illustrations.


Photo edits and white box draw-overs to test concepts over existing media.

Meet the Artist

Keith Chester

Hi I’m Keith, a traditional and digital artist who graduated Arts University Bournemouth (BA Modelmaking) in 2017. Working primarily as a freelancer, I’ve developed a broad range of skills in 2D and 3D art, as well as some programming, physical modelmaking and costumery.

My specialties lie in understanding 3D structures and problem solving, using my knowledge of materials and form to replicate and redesign characters and objects. I’m fast to learn programs and have experience using Blender, Rhino, 3DSMax, Zbrush,